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About Us


Seleski was born thinking about how much we enjoy and love the white sand coral beaches of Venezuela, specially Cayo “Selesqui or Seleski” in Los Roques Archipelago, where turtles and many other sea species live in harmony with a magnificent and rich beach life environment.

Seleski was created in 2018, with the purpose of offering to those beach and sun lovers in Venezuela and around the world with a cool variety of the Caribbean-tropical design patterns together with a high quality swim trunks shorts made in a 100% polyester fabric.

Our proposal is taking care of every single detail, innovation, new design and materials in order to provide you with a comfortable swimwear which will assure you feeling so cool and free with all eyes on you.

Our Brand passion and fantasy was to offer an exclusive men’s swim trunks however Seleski introduced the son and father concept in our collections, and now we have the family shorts for men, women, boys and girls to matchup from father to son and mother to daughter.

We Can’t Stop in 2020 Seleski launch the men, women, boys and girls’
sweater for the sun skin protection UPF fabric with a unique design and colors for the whole family to have fun and enjoy the beach and pool.

Seleski is committed to the Turtles association in order to participate in the conservation we support the work of a non profit organization in Venezuela through our alliance with CICTMAR.

Let us be your next new swimwear brand you pack for that upcoming trip!



BE SELESKI It’s all you need!

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